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Private Limited Company

Private Limited Liaison Office in India is generally opted by the business man who wants to have a very closely held company and to carry out their businesses which are closely managed by the promoters.



Public Limited Company

This form of company is for the business people who want to do their business on very big scale and from the long term prospective they are looking to come out with the public issue of their company’s shares.



Companies Formed under Part IX

These companies are the regular private or public limited company, This is a specific procedure provided to converted partnership companies in to companies in order to avoid various legal formalities of re registering the entity various business laws.



Advantages of KDP

India company formation allows entrepreneurs to be legitimately tax-exempt for the first five years of operation of their company, and 50% tax-exempt for the next five years if the company is set up in one of India's Special Economic Zones.



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Procedure for Liaison Office in India

Choosing appropriate

The promoters of the company have to decide the type of company to be formed i.e. private company...

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Selecting a Desirable Name

A minimum of six proposed names of the company being created, is identified by the promoters after meticulous observation...

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Composing of Memorandum

Drafting of the Memorandum (M.O.A) and Articles of the Association (A.O.A), is the very next step after obtaining consent...

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